Featuring Patented Tissue-Locking Technology

Vas-Q-Clips® proprietary inner surface design provides greater teeth surface coverage, inhibits post-operative migration, and increases vessel occlusion.

  • Close with Hook

    Better By Design

    Proprietary anti-migration protrusions provide strong migration resistance reducing the likelihood of post-op clip migration

  • Tissue Locking Technology

    Tissue Locking Technology

    Our teeth help form a tissue-knot, & this is what we call our Tissue-Locking Technology. The body uses its own anatomical features to reinforce the clip in its own position inhibiting migration along the vessel.

  • Zero Learning Curve

    Surgeons can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the performance of Vas-Q-Clips right away. There are no procedural changes when switching from other non-absorbable polymer ligation clips.

  • Secure Loading

    Secure Loading

    Clip bosses and optimized cartridge design provides highly successful loading rates. This prevents common surgical issues including slippage, false closure, and breakage.